La Madriguera is a new venture that joins our family of young and daring Valencian wines, and which represents the main lines of our winery philosophy.

First of all, we are committed to excellence through our design that allows us to communicate, to establish enriching feedback with you, because you already know us and because you already know what we are like. It is a graphical proposal with which we break with the traditional values established in the marketing of wine, and which allows us to open up to new proposals, new values, new discourses.

La Madriguera is a meeting point, a very hidden place, where we allow ourselves to establish complicity, where we can be very close and very united, in a kind of underground hideaway, in the place where only great secrets can be shared.

Our winery team understands our products as a way to improve people's lives, that is why our wines invite us to enjoy life, they cannot be drunk in any other way, they are the ones that make us happy and they are the ones we want to share with you, in the best company, and at the best moments.

The culture of Bodegas Arráez is to create, spread and exchange new languages with lovers of viticulture, with people like you, who are tired of the same old speeches. Same as you must be bored with the same labels, on our side we are tired of seeing how traditional values are perpetuated one vintage after another. We are committed to innovation and we want to connect with you, with the new generations that are joining the world of wine.

The two mono varietals that we present: monastrell and merseguera… are also a tribute to our predecessors, because we value their work, the viticulture of our parents and grandparents, with the native grape varieties that we have known since we were children, and that we have drunk and smelled at the tables of our homes. We have a responsibility to follow this path. It is a mutual learning, a connection with our origins, but at the same time, we want to go further, and transfer these values, with a new, avant-garde language, which hopes to connect with today's society.

At Bodegas Arráez, our only aim is to establish complicity, to build intergenerational bridges between the past, the present and towards the future. We invite you to come into our particular burrow (La Madriguera). To toast with us to a new wine that joins our great family. Follow the white rabbit, don't be late… and together we will travel through the land of wonderful wines: daring, hedonistic, young, fresh, Mediterranean, epicurean wines… like the ones we make in our winery.

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