Arráez is not just a surname, nor is it just one family. This great team is made up of many more people, united by the same ideas and the same way of understanding wine. If just one link were to fail, the result would not be the same.


Our winery is located in Font de la Figuera, in the province of Valencia. It was built on the site of three former wine cellars belonging to private winegrowers. Located in a privileged setting, the natural landscape of Terres Dels Alforins, it has been renovated and adapted to new production and bottling techniques over the years. We currently have modern production facilities, a bottling line equipped with the latest technology and a room for ageing high quality wines. In this way, we maintain our winemaking tradition by combining it with the latest oenological techniques.


Toni Arráez Calabuig, our director since 2007, has brought about a revolution by contributing with his personality and vision of a modern, rogue, current style of wine, without losing the essence of the area in which they are made and the long tradition of the family.

Throughout its 67 years of history, this winery has been led by three generations of Arráez who knew how to read the needs of the society to which they belonged. Toni's grandfather, Antonio Arráez Garrigós, had the brilliant idea of starting a winery in 1950. He started marketing his wines both in bulk and bottled thanks to the incorporation of new oenological, viticultural and commercial techniques.

In 1980 came the industrialisation and internationalisation of the company under the leadership of Don Antonio Arráez Ibanco. During this period, we would like to highlight the great growth in export, reaching historic highs, as well as the exponential growth of the workforce.


A perfect combination for growing quality grapes.

The vineyards are located 90 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea and at an altitude of 600-800 metres between two valleys whose orientation generates a Mediterranean-Continental microclimate which, together with the poor soils, form a perfect combination for growing quality grapes. The winery owns 30 hectares of vineyards, with a predominance of native varieties. Apart from these vineyards, we have historically sourced grapes from independent winegrowers in the area since the 1950s. In these vineyards we grow both old goblet vines that are over 40 years old, as well as young vines on trellises. We work with native varieties such as Monastrell, Tempranillo, Garnacha Tintorera, Verdil and Moscatel which perfectly complement with the foreign varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

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Our oenological project aims to be a benchmark for native Mediterranean grapes. We bring the wines of the areas we know to the consumer, we value them, respecting what nature offers us in each area.

We experiment, research, innovate and take risks based on our knowledge of the land and knowing what it has to offer.


Our most representative native grape, our favourite variety. 

For years we have been showing the world the potential of this grape. 

Perfectly adapted to our poor soils and dry climate, we obtain wines with a strong Mediterranean character, warm, structured and with a strong personality.


The grape par excellence of Spain and Terres dels Alforins.

It ripens gently and gradually thanks to the fact that we have 300 days of sunshine every year and a small influence of the Mediterranean climate that spoils the vineyards so much.

In young wines we manage to extract all the typicality of this variety with the personality of the Mediterranean terrain and in aged wines it is a very versatile grape that brings a silky and elegant touch to any coupage that we propose.


Another of those we had forgotten about. Everyone had a Forcayat vineyard 40 years ago, but nowadays there are very few Forcayat vines left. 


The winemakers in the area are starting to maintain these old plots and it is demonstrated that if well worked it has a lot of potential.


One of the "raras" ones; although rare is to say rare to one of the most cultivated grapes in our area a little more than 30 years ago. 


A variety with large bunches and grapes, perfectly adapted to our territory and which in recent years a few winegrowers have been recovering. A grape that is going to make people talk.


Another of our autochthonous grapes, the only grape on the peninsula that has its interior, the pulp, dyed red. 


Wines with a strong purple colour and very marked and characteristic red fruit aromas.


All terrain French variety, widespread and known all over the world. 

In our area we can over-ripen it a little, giving wines with very sweet notes, almost very strong notes, which gives a different character to most cabernets that can be produced in other areas. 

Blended with Monastrell it produces excellent wines.


The Utiel Requena grape par excellence, one of the most cultivated grapes in Spain and which provides freshness, lots of red fruit and a beautiful ruby red colour. 

In the last few years, thanks to the work of the winegrowers and winemakers in the area, it has begun to be recognised worldwide.


One of the best-known French grapes, it has adapted perfectly to our climate and soils, giving very aromatic wines, intense purple colour and a lot of body, ideal for combining with our autochthonous grapes.


It is the variety par excellence of Valencia, renowned for its excellent sweet wines and mistelas. It has a characteristic exuberant and exotic aroma like no other. 

We use this grape in percentages for some of our white wines and 100% for our Miss Tela, my grandfather's recipe.


It is the grape that is grown in the highest areas of Valencia, it brings freshness to the wines, an ideal complement to other Mediterranean varieties, achieving with it the freshness that we look for in white wines.


Our autochthonous grape by right, the most recognised grape in the area and only three or four wineries produce 100% of it, obtaining wines with personality and character. 

We are delighted to work with it today as it was in serious danger of extinction for some years.


We are convinced that you can stay young forever. Our winery is not young because of the average age of our workers, which is also true, but because of their attitude to life. We are clear about our values, our rules: to make authentic, quality wines, to be daring and fresh in everything we do and, of course, to enjoy.


From the vineyard to the label, creative freedom is basic. We don't know how to do it any other way, and we don't want to. If we give so much importance to the design of our labels, it is because they are a reflection of the personality of our winery, but a groundbreaking bottle is not much use if the wine it contains is not equally groundbreaking.

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