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Los Arráez

This is Toni Arraez’s most personal project: the flagship wines of the winery. They are made after a careful selection of grapes, which are grown in special plots which in turn are chosen for their location, as well as their soil and terrain conditions and, of course, their history.

Without doubt, they are the most representative wines of the winery.


It ‘s Young, It´s noble, It´s Verdil. A white wine like no longer made, made with our native grapes from the interior of Valencia, that has been reborn thanks to the efforts of brave local winemakers.



Lagares is a mythical wine, almost prehistoric, whose creation goes back to the origins of the company, in the ‘50s, when winemakers really made wine by hand. Our rider, on the haunches of the Triceratops, represents the joining together of two eras, a fine homage to Toni Arraez’s grandfather.

Parcela 0

Everyone should have their own vineyard plot. A space where you can move and act freely, in which one can investigate, experiment and create away from the rest of the world. This is what Parcela 0 is like, a wine made from our best grapes from selected vineyards.

¡ Roarr !



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