“Drink to having a bad day, with wine; drink to starting a trip. Drink to meeting up with an old friend or drink to falling in love with a stranger. Drink to being alive, drink to the fact that you can. All with wine.” 



It is a local variety and practically extinct, almost forgotten.

A white wine like they used to make, 100% Verdil, which comes from our 30-year-old vines, left in contact with its lees for 3 months.

A clean and a shiny aspect, and yellow colour.

Fresh and ample in aromas that remind us of white fleshed fruits and flowers like orange blossom and lilies and limes.

¿Did you know that…? The Samaruc on the label is a small fish which is indigenous to the Parque Natural de la Albufera and is in danger of extinction like our beloved Verdil.



Lagares is the perfect mix between tradition and modernity.

A mythical, almost prehistoric wine, that has been the
quality reference for the winery since when there still
existed winemakers who rode triceratops.

60% Monastrell and 40% Cabernet. Aged for 12 months in American and French oak barrels.

A full-bodied wine, with aromas of mature berry fruits along with roasted and balsamic notes, that remind one of liquorice and coffee undercurrent.



A wine with personality, character and finesse, made with grapes from our most special and unique vineyards.

40% Garnacha Tintorera, 30% Monastrell, 15% Cabernet, 10% Arcos and 5% Forcayat.

Aged for 18 months in French and American oak barrels.

Fragility, subtlety and good taste versus body, punch and temperament. A complete statement of intention where we opt for quality and flavours with their own personality. 



This vineyard plot is where we have vines of more than 25 years of age and is situated in the middle of the mountains at 735mt altitude. It’s Font de la Figuera’s highest plot.

A land where wild deer live and look after our vines and
appear to say hello during the vintage, giving us magic moments.

Made in French oak casks of 9.000L with a post crianza of 6 months in the same casks, our 100% Arcos is a fruity wine with nice balsamic notes.

It’s a light and fresh wine, full bodied on the mouth with a long, complex finish.



This wine comes from two plots of vineyards planted by the Arraez family 50 years ago in the natural beauty spot of Terres Dels Alforins.

Our 100% Malvasía has been aged for 3 months in French oak barrels which have a low level of tannins.

On the nose we can find a background of white fleshed
fruits and a mineral essence. It’s fresh on the mouth, with a good acidity and long persistence leaving memories of white fleshed fruits and raisins.

We all know that rabbits are fast. What you perhaps don’t know is that some go mad for grapes. So, they haven’t exactly got bad taste!

This label is dedicated to these little thieves who get into our more than 40-year-old vineyards to get their booty.

They are the best proof of the value of our grapes.