We present you our little treasures, which are part of the Arráez family's winemaking tradition.


Made from a selection of the best Muscat of Alexandria grapes. After a short maceration of the paste at low temperature to extract the characteristic aromas of this variety, wine alcohol is added.

Our Miss Tela is a journey through the aromas of orange blossom, honey and toasted almonds of our Mediterranean land.

Did you know that...? With this Francesca Della Croce label, I wanted to pay homage to the ancient artisan tradition of the Valencian silk craft. We would like to thank Vives and Marí Fábrica de Tejidos for their collaboration. Marí Fábrica de Tejidos.


Mala Vida beer is a 100% craft beer. No preservatives, colourings or anything unusual. It is not homogenised, it is not filtered, it is not carbonated, and it is not pasteurised.

It contains a pinch of Mala Vida wine, to preserve the essence of its rogue spirit.

Did you know? The label was designed by Francesca Della Croce; it represents the meaning of "Mala Vida", which is nothing more than enjoying the Good Mala Vida.


Er Boquerón is the fusion of two business concepts: seawater and craft beer. This union has made it possible to produce a unique product in the world: the first and only seawater beer in the world.

Er Boquerón is a fresh beer, blonde and above all easy to drink. No added gas. No filtering. Unpasteurised.

Traditionally brewed in accordance with the German "Purity Law" of 1516, which decreed that beer could only be made from four basic ingredients: water, barley malt, yeast and hops. Unlike industrial beers, craft beer undergoes double fermentation.


Ceveza made with rosemary and rosemary honey.

La Socarrada is a 100% gastronomic beer. It chacteristic rosemary and flavor defines it as a perfect beer to accompany any meal.

Awarded in 2021, 2016 and 2012 as one of the best flavors in the world by the International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels.


Mala Vida is a 100% natural product with no preservatives, no artificial colourings or anything strange. There is no homogenising, filtering, pasteurising, or adding of gas in its elaboration. Dense creamy with plenty of body and persistence, small bubbles, and an ivory white colour.


Verano Canallas is the firts summer red wine made with Bobal grapes; the only created by winemakers and with a 100% mediterranean soul.

Did you know…? Tehre are 6 models of bottles, each with an original and eclusive design. The whole collection is inspired by Pop culture.


Toni Arráez's grandfather was famous in the village and throughout the area for his homemade Vermouth.

It is made with Monastrell grapes and more than 20 aromatic plants, among which Sarsaparilla stands out.

It is the perfect partner to tapas, music and good conversation. Our recommendation is to drink it Mediterranean style: with ice, a slice of orange and a couple of olives.

Did you know? The label has been designed by Paco Tuercas. 

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