We present our small treasures, which are part of the wine tradition of the Arráez family.


Made from free-run must (grape juice) without subjecting the grape to pressure.
 Amber coloured with toasted tones, fine and elegant with marked citric notes that remind one of orange peel and orange blossom.

Its balance acidity makes it smooth, fresh and pleasant on the mouth and moderately sweet with a profusion of retro-nasal floral notes There is a lot of art in this label. The designer, Francesca Della Croce wanted, with this label, to pay particular homage to the old traditional art of Valencian silk making.

As well as paying homage to the silk brocades of the typical dresses from the fiesta Las Fallas, which is a listed UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity Event. Thanks to the collaboration of Vives i Marí Fábrica de Tejidos, we could dress our Miss Tela really beautifully, sweetening the end of meals with a little piece of our history.


Mala Vida beer is a 100% craft beer. It is made with natural processes and follows the same process as some of our wines, like Mala Vida. It actually contains a drop of Mala Vida wine in order to conserve in its essence that shameless (canalla) spirit.

Did you know? The label was designed by Francesca Della Croce. It is a representation of the good “Mala Vida” life.


Toni Arráez’s grandfather was famous in the town and the surrounding area for his homemade Vermouth.

Made with a base of Monastrell grapes and more than 20 aromatic plants of which sarsaparrilla stands out.


It pairs perfectly with tapas, music and good conversation. Our recommendation is to drink it Mediterranean style: with ice, a slice of orange and a couple of olives.

¿Did you know that…? The label is designed by Paco Tuercas.