HU-HA is the war cry of Chimo Bayo, the quintessential Valencian DJ of the “Ruta de Bakalao”**.

Our Techno wine pays homage to the 90s era and all the best that those wonderful years left us; hedonism of the masses, freedom, music, innovation, rebellion and above all good vibes.

As Chimo Bayo himself would say,”Hu-Ha is about connecting with people”. It’s a straightforward invitation to enjoy life more.

We toast to that with a good “Hu-Ha”.

**The Ruta de Bakalao was a loosely knitted route of fashionable discos in and around Valencia which during the 80s and 90s was inundated with young people from all over Spain, who partied long and hard.

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Intense cherry red colour with good aromas of red and dark berries like strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. Also faint toasted hints of the barrel and a touch of spiciness along with a little liquorice.

On the palate, it’s ample, fresh, moreish and with a perfect balance between the toasted nuances of the wood and the mature fruit so typical of the Bobal grape.


Voilet red colour with red fruit aromas and floral notes, slightly toasted and dominated by a fruity character. Ample, full, fresh in the mouth and perfectly balanced. 


HU-HA is a Techno wine that produces a light “chiquitan and a chiquititan tan tan”* which matches perfectly with the essence of freedom of our land and the best sunrises in the Mediterranean.


*Words from a Chimo Bayo song.