Personality in each variety


A range of wines aimed at a non-conformist public. Wines conceived to finish with the seriousness that has historically enveloped wine.


Different varieties with the same focus from five D.O.s  with one common denominator, enjoyment.


This is Toni Arraez’s most personal project: the flagship wines of the winery. They are made after a careful selection of grapes, which are grown in special plots which in turn are chosen for their location, as well as their soil and terrain conditions and, of course, their history. Without doubt, they are the most representative wines of the winery.


Besides our wines at Bodega Arraez we have other products which brighten up life. 

Our vermouth Vividor is ideal for the aperitif on a terrace, our Mala Vida beer for whenever you feel like a quality craft beer with a wine soul. Or our famous and tasty Miss Tela, for finishing up long lunches and suppers with friends.


HU-HA is the war cry of Chimo Bayo, the quintessential Valencian DJ of the “Ruta de Bakalao”**.

Our techno wine pays homage to the 90s era and all the best that those wonderful years left us; hedonism of the masses, freedom, music, innovation, rebellion and above all good vibes.

As Chimo Bayo himself would say,”Hu-Ha is about connecting with people”. It’s a straightforward invitation to enjoy life more.


We toast to that with a good “Hu-Ha”.

**The Ruta de Bakalao was a loosely knitted route of fashionable discos in and around Valencia which during the 80s and 90s was inundated with young people from all over Spain, who partied long and hard.

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