Personality in every variety.


A range of wines aimed at a non-conformist public. A segment of wines conceived to put an end to the seriousness that has historically been given to wine.

Different varieties and approaches with 5 denominations of origin with the same denominator, enjoyment.


This is Toni Arráez's most personal project, the bodega's flagship wines, which have been produced for generations.

The grapes are grown in special plots, both for their location and their orographic conditions.

They are undoubtedly the wines with the greatest projection of the winery.


This edition of bottles was created as a special project to pay tribute to our flagship brand MALA VIDA on its tenth anniversary.

Mala Vida Limited Edition is a wine designed to sin. One more transgression that we allow ourselves at Bodegas Arráez. Because any excuse is good to taste a wine like this.
Designed to sin.


The project is based on the idea of the new design of the winery, designed to protect the wines underground. And it contemplates the funniest side of life: either we put an end to the rabbits that steal our grapes, or we turn them into wine!


Grape juice, with nothing added, and nothing taken away. Cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. An organic agriculture in which only natural products are used to conserve the earth's resources, to care for the environment, to protect health and to obtain a high-quality wine.


In addition to our wines, at Bodegas Arráez we have other products that bring joy to anyone's life.

Our vermouth Vividor for those aperitifs on the terrace. Mala Vida beer, for any time you feel like a quality craft beer with the soul of wine. Or our famous and delicious Miss Tela, to finish those endless lunches and dinners with friends.


A limited-edition wine that puts rare diseases on the table. We have joined forces with FEDER, the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases, to create a special edition made with uniquely shaped bottles, giving value to those pieces that are usually discarded at the factory. By buying these bottles you collaborate with FEDER to promote research into rare diseases.


HU-HA is the battle cry of Chimo Bayo, Valencian DJ par excellence, who influenced a whole generation during the Bakalao Route..
Our techno-wine is a tribute to the 90s, to all the good things that those years of mass hedonism, liberation, music, innovation, rebellion and, above all, good vibes left us. As Chimo Bayo himself would say: "HU-HA is about connecting with people":
Let's toast to that with a good HU-HA!

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