The harvest at Bodegas Arráez is a magical time that marks the beginning of the production of some of the most exceptional wines in the Valencia region. Our winery, located in the heart of the Valencia Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), has a long family tradition and today produces high quality wines that capture the essence of the land and climate of the area.

Harvesting at Bodegas Arráez is a meticulous process, which normally begins in early September and can extend into October, depending on the ripeness of the grapes. This year, due to the high temperatures, the harvest at Bodegas Arráez has been brought forward, and we have started the process in August. The vines, carefully cultivated throughout the year, are at their optimum point of ripeness when the grapes are harvested. The clusters are full of juicy grapes that have absorbed the sun and the scarce rainfall of this growing season.

Our team, made up of experienced winemakers and passionate workers, harvests by hand. This means that each cluster is carefully harvested and carefully selected, ensuring that only the highest quality grapes reach the winery. This manual process allows control over quality to be maintained and ensures that only grapes in their best condition are made into wine.

Once the grapes arrive at the winery, the vinification phase begins. We use modern and traditional techniques to extract the best from the grapes and reflect the character of the territory in our wines. The bunches are destemmed and gently pressed to release the juice, which is then fermented in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels, depending on the type of wine being made.

The harvest process is not only a time of hard work, but also a time of celebration. At Bodegas Arráez the grape harvest is celebrated and participated in as a family, creating a festive atmosphere and a deep connection between the winery and the community. The harvest tradition is an opportunity to share the love of wine and pride in the land that produces these exceptional grapes.

Once the harvest is complete and the wines have been carefully crafted, Bodegas Arráez offers a wide range of wines, from young, fresh reds to crianza and reserve wines that showcase the maturity and elegance of the area. Each bottle is the result of years of experience and passion for viticulture and oenology.

The harvest at Bodegas Arráez is, in short, an annual event that symbolises the dedication to quality and the passion for creating exceptional wines that reflect the identity of the territory and the philosophy of the winery. Each glass of Bodegas Arráez wine tells the story of the sun, the land and the hands that made it possible, and is a testament to the winery's ongoing commitment to oenological excellence.

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