Award-winning wines are those wines that have been recognised and awarded in competitions, contests and events related to the wine industry. These awards can be given by wine tasting experts, wine critics, wine magazines, wine organisations and international competitions. Awards can range from gold, silver and bronze medals for wines, to awards that assess the winery's value proposition, such as the title of «Best Wine of the Year» or «Best Winery of the Year».

Our wines have won some of the most prestigious awards on the wine scene. Would you like to know which have been the most awarded wines of Bodegas Arráez?

In the 20th anniversary of the Decanter Awards, Mala Vida Edición Limitada was awarded a silver medal. This prestigious competition is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most demanding on the planet; the jury is made up of the best critics, Master of Wine, oenologists and sommeliers, who taste more than 18250 wines. In the 20th edition of this competition, 236 wine experts tasted samples from 57 countries.

James Suckling rated our top wines, Los Arráez, all of them with a score of 90 points or higher. Suckling is an influential figure in the world of wine, known for his expertise, passion and significant contributions to wine criticism and promotion worldwide. His work remains an important reference for those who wish to explore and understand the vast world of wine.

Our Madriguera Merseguera and Mala Vida blanco also got a good score!

In July, the winners of the International Wine & Spirit Awards 2023 were announced. Three gold medals and seven silver medals for twelve of our wines. The International Wine Spirits Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the sector, and in the 2022 edition 2249 wines and spirits were tasted. The wines awarded in this contest: Canallas red, La Madriguera Merseguera and Mínimo white, with their respective gold medals; and Mala Vida white, Vividor, Vivir sin Dormir; Canallas rosé and white; La Madriguera Monastrell and Mínimo red, with their silver medals.

Our Vivir sin Dormir has also been recognised with a silver medal at the Frankturt Wine Trophy, one of the most influential competitions in Germany, which brings together producers and distributors known all over the world.

We also received a gold medal for our Vividor at the most important international competition in Japan, whose jury is made up exclusively of women. And during the Alicante Gastronomic fair, our wines were awarded with the Best Mediterranean Wine award!

And the last award we just received was a bronce medal for La Madriguera Merseguera! In the “V Concurso Oficial de Vinos Monovarietales de la Comunidad Valenciana” de PROAVA.

Finally, the Advertising and Creative Communication Festival, La Lluna, has awarded our project, Raras, in collaboration with Kids, with the gold award for Best Packaging; silver award for Best Art Direction and Best Branding; and bronze for Best Photography and Best Social Campaign.

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