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Alli Oli, the Valencian taste in Madrid

Jorge Arándiga and Toni García are the owners of the Valencian restaurant Alli Oli, located in the magical neighborhood, La Latina. Their restaurant is a charming place that’s found a way to combine tradition and innovation. And they love our wines! Without a doubt, it’s a delicious part of Valencia in the capital.


-After seeing your cellar, it looks like you’re quite taken with us…

(laughs) We wager on your wines because they’re part of our region. They’re wines that we know, they’re of extraordinary quality, and little by little you guys are making your mark in Madrid, which is well deserved.  Madrid has space for everything anyways.  Plus, you guys are a really gutsy…

How does Valencian gastronomy fit into Madrid?
Paella is known around the world and is well received.  There’s a lot Valencian, Mallorcan or Catalan people in Madrid with a background in rice.  Not to mention the people from Madrid, who are in love with our authentic and local cuisine.

And how do Valencian wines fit into the capital?
At first, people alway look for a wine from La Rioja or from Ribera del Duero. You have to explain to them that the Valencian wines we offer are very high quality.  The image you guys have is so bold, that they decide to try it.  That’s when they end up being convinced.  Honestly, people love your labels.  In this day and age, everything is visually absorbed first.  After the first taste, they always come back for more.

 It’d be a plus to know which of your wines are best sellers.
Day to day it’s Mala Vida.  But I’m going to be honest with you: Vividor is breaking the mold.  Vivir Sin Dormir is also a star product.

Vividor is breaking the mold?
Yes, it’s the boldest wine we’ve seen, and it has an amazing label.  But what’s most important is that they treat themselves to a wine they like.  The Utiel Requena denomination is really attractive in Madrid.  There’s a lot of Vividor-type people in this city…

How would you pair food with our wine?
We always try to give our personality to every type of rice.  For example, Bala Perdida is a much more potent wine that we’d typically pair with a lighter rice dish, such as a “senyoret”. Vividor is perfect for a rice dish with ribs which we now have on the menu.  Your wines are quite playful.  For example, Mala Vida is wonderful when it’s chilled and people are stunned.  There’s not much more to say.  Our Valencian paellas with Mala Vida is an explosive combination.  Vivir Sin Dormir pairs with black rices.  Sometimes we get creative and let it creep into the night.



Julieta Venegas & Juanito Makandé together in Benidorm

Do you want an amazing plan to DESTROY the typical summer routine? Come to the Mala Vida concert! We introduce you to Julieta Venegas and Juanito Makandé, two great international singers together for the first time. Don’t think twice, the best and more enjoyable live show of the Summer is here.

Hurry up and come to the Julio Iglesias colisseum to enjoy the concert of Julieta Venegas and Juanito Makandé in Benidorm. Summer, music and our Mala Vida wines in the bars.

Buy your tickets here




Summer Wine Festival: The best summer wines from Valencia

Today is the Summer Wine Festival, organized by PROAVA, in the locality of Denia. We invite you to the perfect event to taste the best summer wines from Valencia. If your question is EXACTLY WHERE!!? We are very pleased to announce that the event will be at Plaza del Consell, placed in Calle del Mar. Live music, pop, blues and rock in an acoustic format giving the musical note to the evening.

Admission is free and you can also taste valencian food. We meet there from 19:30h to 1AM? 😉

13776039_1046460658723810_4156748468807090432_nJump into our pleasure boat!

Mala Vida conquers the FIB

Good news! Our beloved wine Mala Vida will flow in all the FIB bars but this is not the most amazing info. We are going to come with a Chill Out Zone in the VIP area and thousands of assistants will enjoy our Mala Vida Fest, red or white, while they are living the music. Furthermore, a lot of surprises will be waiting in our photocall, with flashes and a lot of good vibes. We can not say more!

6From Bodegas Arráez, we continue involved in the best local, national and international events. Two weeks ago we sent our Mala Vida to the Mad Cool Festival (Madrid) and now we travel to Benicàssim to enjoy one of the best summer festivals. Long life to Mala Vida!! Stay tuned in Mala Vida Vino Tinto (Facebook and Instagram)

18 B

Cava Sutra, silver in the Premium Cava category

PROAVA held last Saturday in Requena the night of the valencian cava, called Cava & Jazz. A very cool date to promote the consumption of cava in summer. And we have very good news for you…. our Cava Sutra gets a very good score obtaining silver in the category of Premium Cava.

Visitors enjoyed the Abril jazz show and the Caves of la Villa, an amazing location near the event.

13533208_1035789809790895_6224740102892499968_nPedro Calabuig our export Manager receiving the award.

Mala Vida, the official wine in Mad Cool Festival

The Mad Cool Festival starts his first edition with a lot of stars on the stage and with our flagship wine, Mala Vida, for the assistants and the artists. La Caja Mágica will welcome this interesting proposal the 16th, 17th and 18th of june, three completely insane days near the Manzanares River, in Madrid.

13268189_963126030475234_5380125207711775202_oThe first line is composed by international groups like Neil Young, The Prodigy or Garbage, and top national groups like Vetusta Morla, Lori Meyers and Fuel Fandango. And between the six stages will be a lot of eating & drinking areas when you will taste our exclusive Mala Vida for Festivals. Half a litre of our exquisite Mala Vida, red and White, for you and your friends.

3Everyone knows that the music will be amazing, but you need to know that the gastronomy, the photography, the fashion and cinema activities will have an important place. Indeed, the shows are only the begining.


The Valencian Association of Winemakers (AVE) named Toni Arráez on Friday April 8 “Winemaker of the Year”.

Toni Arráez, manager of Bodegas Arráez. After an emotional speech full of thanks, especially to his father and his team, the architect of record-breaking Mala Vida wanted to emphasize its intention to promote and bring the world of wine to a demanding palate and genuinely maverick young audience of spirit.
Toni Arráez is the expert oenologist behind the famous Mala Vida came and now we are surprised everyone, “unsheathing” other wine called to succeed, the VIVIR SIN DORMIR. It´s variety is Mourvedre elabotated by organic procedures in Jumilla region and has a delicious sweet notes and toast, obtaining a  unique and amazing wine.
Bodegas Arráez continues to reap success, a month ago his Mala Vida 2014 won the Diamond Trophy in the “Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2016″ in Japan, a Gold Medal in Mundus Vini Wine Awards (Germany), and a Bronce medal in Decanter wine Awards.



News from the region of Valencia (La Comunidad Valenciana)

We received the acknowledgement from the traditional wine section of the newspaper Levante-EMV which chose CALABUIG TINTO JOVEN as one of the wines of the month. Produced from the best clusters of Monastrell and Tempranillo, it transports the aroma of our region “Terres dels Alforins” to the final customer.

Calabuig, from the DOP Valencia, with its intense aromas, reminds you of red fruits, and has a slight balsamic sensation and a smooth tannic one. Within the range of our youngest wines, Toni Arráez, the winemaker and general manager, wanted to give it the name Calabuig in honour of his mother.

Mala Vida in Ibérica Restaurants in the United Kingdom

Ibérica only works with the best and most prestigious winemakers, without forgetting of course, to promote culture and art through their restaurants in London. The customers are totally impressed by the innovation and experience of the well-known Chef Nacho Manzano, who has an impressive curriculum.

Endorsed by having 3 Michelin stars (2 at his famous restaurant Casa Marcial and 1 at the other well-known La Salgar, in Asturias) his restaurants don’t leave anyone indifferent with their menus, which are typical of his style, because of their creativity and taste. Manzano makes sure the ingredients and products are of the best imported quality. They are selected with care by Spanish companies with international experience. That’s why our winery supplies the bestselling wines in his restaurants in London.

Young people are afraid to order wine

Without doubt, the future of wine lies with the young people. But its present is also in their hands. Projects like Mala Vida portray that impulse of modernity and innovation that the younger generations are giving the sector. An example is this initiative of the Valencian Toni Arráez, who has given a facelift to the image and content of the familiar and old Bodegas Antonio Arráez (Valencia). The aim is to sell wine (obviously), but that it gets to young people accompanied with a message: enjoy the pleasures of life.

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